Star Wash - FacilityOur Car Wash features modern equipment, made in America, allowing your vehicle to enjoy many of the benefits you might typically only get from a thorough hand washing of your vehicle - but without the investment of time required to achieve that clean. Once you’ve selected your wash package or had your Unlimited Wash Pass tag automatically scanned from the comfort of your vehicle, you’ll move forward in line and you are ready for your wash.

Remember – everything we are describing here takes less than a minute to accomplish.

It all starts with a laser scan of your vehicle, measuring the dimensions and type of vehicle to allow our precision equipment to customize the experience to your vehicle.

After that, a rinse and a foaming agent is applied which helps the cleaning surfaces more easily and safely glide across your vehicle, protecting your finish and paint during the wash. From there your vehicle will move into a series of foam “fingers” made of a soft yet durable material which allows them to cover all the panels, nooks and crannies a typical wash might miss. These fingers move slowly, avoiding the risk to your vehicle that regular car washes can have with high-speed, noisy, spinning wash arms made of harsh materials.
All our scrubbing and rotating arms and pads are counter-balanced and moved by compressed air, providing just enough resistance to scrub without damaging your vehicle’s finish or paint.

While the overhead scrubbing arms are working to remove stubborn dirt and debris our wheel and body scrubbing pads will go to work on the panels of your vehicle, removing road grime, dirt and packed on salt from wheels and panels with precision care. These scrubbers are specifically engineered to clean your wheels, tires and panels thoroughly without placing expensive wheel finishes at risk.

Your vehicle is next given a 360 degree cleaning from our pair of scrubbing arms. Typical washing equipment might miss the center line of your hood, roof and trunk, leaving a distinctive “stripe” down the middle of your vehicle where cleaning has not taken place. If you’ve been through one of those “other washes” you probably know what we’re talking about – the Star Wash avoids this problem.

Your vehicle is given a second scrub from our overhead arms as well as lower body arms and receives an undercarriage rinse and rust inhibitor application, helping protect the part of your vehicle that sits closer to the road than everything but your wheels and tires.

After a spot-free rinse, customers who opt for our higher level packages will then receive any additional wax, shine or treatment products under a series of archways. Tire shine from rollers on each side of the vehicle apply tire shine as you roll through, but also gives your vehicle an opportunity to “drip dry” before passing under a series of seven high-powered blowers to dry your vehicle and complete the wash.
As you exit the tunnel, feel free to take advantage of one of our eleven free vacuums after the wash experience is complete.